Participant closed eyes while in the middle of ice blocks in Arctic Enema
Arctic Enema

A. Giant. Ice. Bath. There's really not much else to say. Be ready to be fully submerged not once, but twice - in ice. This obstacle is all about testing your mental grit. There's no training that can prepare you for this. Still not clear? Re-read the name.


One of our signature obstacles, Everest first appeared on Tough Mudder courses way back in 2010. To reach the summit you require unyielding determination and a reliance on those that have gone before you. You must commence your ascent on your own, however, the only way up and over the top is to grab the hand of another Mudder and have them haul you to the summit.

The Block Ness Monster

To defeat this mythical monster, the Block Ness Monster, you will need an army. No solo soldiers will be able to negotiate the 9-metre long cuboid that sits semi-submerged in chest-deep water. Together with your teammates and fellow Mudders, you will need to rock, roll, push and haul yourselves over the rotating blocks.

Electroshock Therapy

As you approach the angry beast, you can hear it clicking its 1,000 yellow tongues at you, just waiting for you to run right into its gaping mouth. Others go ahead before you and for a split second you think it will all be okay—hey, look, that guy’s making it through fine. But you can feel the sweat on your brow as you realize, holy sh*t it’s your turn. You’re about to dash through 10,000 volts of electricity...

Mud Mile

A Tough Mudder staple, Mud Mile is exactly what it sounds like. Truckloads of deep, wet, sloppy mud carefully sculpted into rolling mounds. With deeper trenches and higher hills for you and your team to scramble over, there is no way you're getting out clean.

Participant smiling while crawling
Kiss of Mud

Pucker up because you're about to get up close and real personal with the mud. Navigate through less than 18" of barbed wire clearance in an army crawl motion through uneven muddy surfaces. The only way out is a low & slow motion to avoid a prick before you are on your way to the next obstacle filled with surprises.

Widow's Peak

Lean in - but not for a kiss. In order to keep yourself out of the drink, you'll need to coordinate with a fellow Mudder to maintain a semblance of balance while crossing the Widow's Peak water pit. You'll have your own slackline to plant your feet on as you shimmy across, but sharing a single line for your hands means that you'll feel every buck and blunder from your new friend.


Good luck finding foothold on this deceivingly tough 10' wall. Skidmarked is angled to make it nearly impossible to swing your legs up and over, so do you push-ups beforehand so your upper body strength can help you scale this beast. Don't worry, someone in Mudder Nation will give you a boost if you need a lift to conquer this classic.

Cage Crawl

Don't panic, just breathe. Cage Crawl is as simple as that. There might be other ways to test your mental toughness, but we think pulling yourself through a 60' watery trench under a steel fence with only a few inches to breathe does it best. Go ahead, take a dip and prove you've got the grit.

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