Cage Crawl

Don't panic, just breathe. Cage Crawl is as simple as that. There might be other ways to test your mental toughness, but we think pulling yourself through a 60' watery trench under a steel fence with only a few inches to breathe does it best. Go ahead, take a dip and prove you've got the grit.

Grit Teamwork Strength Fun
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Grit flameflameflameflame
Teamwork flame
Strength flameflame
Fun flameflameflame

Lean back

Lean on your back and let your body float to the surface

Get a grip

Propel yourself by “walking” your way with your hands from one end to the other

Deep breaths

There are only a few inches of space above the surface & the cage

Go Slow

The float through the water is longer than you think, take your time and try not to panic

“Cage crawl is hands down one of the most memorable obstacles from my Tough Mudder”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Cage Crawl.
How To Conquer
Lay on your back and get a nimble grip on the fencing. Pull yourself along the water to float as close as you can on the surface. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of space to breathe and to not pull the fencing too close down to the water surface, restricting you space to keep your head above water. This one will fully test how much mental grit you truly have.


Coming out of the TMHQ innovation lab, Cage Crawl is the product of a little wacky thinking and the need to test Mudder Nation’s mental grit.

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