The Block Ness Monster

To defeat this mythical monster, the Block Ness Monster, you will need an army. No solo soldiers will be able to negotiate the 9-metre long cuboid that sits semi-submerged in chest-deep water. Together with your teammates and fellow Mudders, you will need to rock, roll, push and haul yourselves over the rotating blocks.

Grit Teamwork Strength Fun
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Grit flame
Teamwork flameflameflame
Strength flameflame
Fun flameflameflame


At over 9 metres long, it is these two huge wooden blocks that you will have to clamber over.


You’re going to get wet. Wading through the murky depths is not an option.


Giving each other a boost up and over while timing synchronized pushes and pulls is the only way through.


You can’t go under it, you can’t go round it. The only way is up.

“The most fun you can have out on course. The teamwork was incredible.”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of the Block Ness Monster.
How To Conquer
The Block Ness Monster is all about teamwork. It requires strong communication between friends and strangers alike. A whole lot of people need to push one side up, while a lot more people push the other side down. Once it is moving a few people at a time can shimmy over the top as it rotates.
Obstacle Training Tips
Taking on the Block Ness Monster is more about communication and teamwork. Although, you will need to be able to pull yourself up and over the block. Having good upper body strength is certainly an advantage. While you will be required to push the block up and pull it down, the more people helping makes it easier. So just focus on being able to pull-up your body weight and you will be fine.
Obstacle FAQs
Q: Do you have to get wet?
A: Umm. Yes. Have you seen the pictures?

Q: Can I do it alone?
A: You can, however, you will never be on this obstacle alone.

Q: How heavy are the cuboids?
A: Technically speaking. Very heavy. The water and your fellow Mudders will help you.


The Block Ness Monster is one of the best examples of crazy and unexpected our obstacle innovation process can be. Discovery and innovation continue to evolve throughout the whole innovation journey. Originally designed by one of Tough Mudder’s interns, the blocks were intended to have people run across it. During testing, as people kept falling in, they started to push and pull the blocks. The rest is history.

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