Ladder to Hell

Climbing is hard, but conquering a fear of heights is harder. This enormous wooden ladder will challenge you to climb over 12' into the air, one giant rung at a time.

Grit Teamwork Strength Fun
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Grit flameflameflameflame
Teamwork flame
Strength flameflameflame
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Get a Grip

Maintaining three points of contact at all times is crucial for a safe climb.

Don’t Look Down

12 feet may not sound like a lot, but you’ll change your tune when you’re up there.

It’s (Not) Lonely at the Top

Whether it’s a hoist or a hand, help a fellow Mudder conquer their climb. They’ll do the same for you.

“I’m afraid of heights. I just didn’t realize it until a stranger had to coach me up and over.”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Ladder to Hell.
How To Conquer
You’ll want to use both your arms and legs on this one. Keeping three points of contact at all time (for stability), reach up with one hand/foot at a time to progress up the ladder. On the descent, move slowly, carefully, and deliberately between rungs, keeping a steady grip as you go.


An obstacle so classic, so simple, and so perfect that we can’t even remember when it first debuted. Sometimes you can’t beat simplicity.

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