Cry Baby

Dry those eyes, because you're going to need the tears for Cry Baby. It would be uncouth to say that Tough Mudder tear gases people, so we'll just say that this smoky chamber will test your ocular training regimen.

Grit Teamwork Strength Fun
flameflameflameflame flame flameflame flameflame
Grit flameflameflameflame
Teamwork flame
Strength flameflame
Fun flameflame

Stay Focused

You won’t see much once you’re in there, so crawl in a straight line.

Safety First

You’ll be fine…we promise.

Keep on Keeping On

We wouldn’t suggest stopping halfway. Keep moving and you’re in the clear.

“I was crying tears of joy by the time I made it through”

The inside word
How To Conquer
Get a good breath of fresh air before crawling in: the intensity of the smoke will multiply with each additional breath. Move quickly but deliberately in one direction, remembering that you likely won’t be able to see the other side for most of the crawl.


Conceptualized by the devious minds in the Innovation Lab in 2015, Cry Baby made was re-released in 2022 to reinvigorate the course with a sense of intrigue and fear.

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