Top Tough Mudder UK FAQs

With the first Tough Mudder 5K and London West weekend 1 under our belts, we’re well and truly in the 2018 event season.

With this in mind we’ve compiled a simple list of the most frequently asked questions in the run up to events and on event day, so you can get the answers you need.

1. Where is my ticket? What do I need to bring on the day?

We have recently transitioned ticket platforms from Eventbrite to Active. No matter where you originally bought your ticket, your ticket is now in Active.

You will receive an email from Active approximately 10 days before your event with your ticket (confirmation email with a QR code in it – this is your ticket!). If you need to buy an add on such parking you will need to open an account with Active and claim your registration, please use these FAQs to do this.

On event day you will need your confirmation email, this will include a QR code which will need to be scanned. This same ticket is also your parking ticket (if you have purchased parking in advance). Please either print this or screengrab it on your phone as internet service may not be good enough on-site to load your ticket.

2. It’s less than 10 days to my event and I can’t find my ticket, what do I do?

Here are some tips for searching for you ticket;

1. Search your inbox for the Active email. It will have been sent to you from Make sure you check your SPAM mailbox.

2. Make sure you’re checking the right mailbox. Did you register under your work email for example?

3. If someone else bought your ticket for you, they may have been emailed your ticket (if they entered their own email address instead of yours). Check with your team captain (this is the person you bought your tickets).

If you still can’t find your ticket contact our customer service on as soon as possible. Please note that our customer service team are very busy before large events and there may be a delay getting back to you. If for any reason it’s too last minute, come to the Information desk at the event and we can help you look up your registration.

3. How do I purchase parking and where is my parking pass?

Parking is bought as an ‘add on’ in Active here’s how:

1. Login to

2. Click on “My Events” under the drop-down of your name in the top right corner.

3. Click on the “Purchase Merchandise” button.

4. Select the parking pass you would like to purchase.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Continue.”

6. Choose your payment method and click “Complete.”

7. You will then be taken to a confirmation page and sent an email with confirmation of your purchase from SUPPORT@ACTIVE.COM.

If you are having problems signing into Active and claiming your registration then please read our ticketing FAQs.

Your parking ticket will be added to your participant ticket QR code which you will find in your confirmation email. Please print this or screengrab it on your phone, you will need to show this to gain access to the carpark so please make sure it is close to hand.

Even if you buy parking after you receive your ticket, your original ticket will still work for both your participant ticket and your parking pass.

4. I’ve bought a ticket, how do I check in my child for Mini Mudder?

Please head to the Mini Mudder check-in which will be signposted at general check in. Once you’ve checked in you will be sent to the Mini Mudder course where you will choose a start time (on the hour, every hour). Start times are not allocated in advance for Mini Mudder.

5. What time is competitive Tougher Mudder wave this year?

This year the time of the competitive Tougher Mudder wave will vary at each event. Please check the digital info pack and start time email which will be sent to you ahead of the event. This wave will always be the first wave out on course.

(Note: We are aware that some tickets have been automatically issued with a 7.45am start time. Please disregard this time, and check the start time lookup tool (or your start time email) 7 days before the event.)

6. What time is First Mud?

First mud is a priority wave which allowed participants to pay extra to guarantee placement in the first general participant (non competitive) wave of the day. The time of this wave will vary at each event. Please check the digital info pack and start time email which will be sent to you ahead of the event.

7. Where is my start time and are they enforced?

Your start time will be emailed to you 10 days before your event and again two days before your event. If you do not receive your start time you can also search for it using the start time lookup tool.

In 2018 start times will be strictly enforced. Please make sure that you arrive on site at least 1 hour before your designated start time.

We cannot change start times once they have been allocated, so please do not contact customer services about your start time. However, if for any reason you have been given a different start time to the rest of your team we have an on-site standby process for managing this (head to the start time lookup tent once you have checked in) and we will make sure you run together. Please note that it is not possible to change times on the day simply due to preference.

8. How do I join/create a team?

If you want to run at the same time as the rest of your friends you will need to create and join a team.

Your team captain will need to create a team by:

1. Sign into Active

2. Go to My Events

3. Click Create Team

4. Enter team name and description (optional)

5. If you would like to make your team private, select private team under Access and enter a password (optional)

6. Click Create

The members of your team will then need to:

1. Sign into Active

2. Go to My Events

3. Click Join Team

4. Search for team name

5. Enter password if joining a private team

6. Click Join

You will need to have joined a team a minimum of two weeks before the event to receive the same start time.

9. What do I do if I have a different start time to my friends?

If your friends have a different start time, please go straight to check in when you get to the event, and then head to the start time tent (located next to information). Volunteers at the start time tent will be able to put your team in the time start wave that the majority of your team received.

Unfortunately we cannot offer you earlier start times just based on preference. This causes queues at the event, which impacts customer experience.

Please do not contact customer service about your start time as these cannot be changed prior to the event.

10. I signed up to Tough Mudder with an official charity partner, where is my start time and ticket?

If you signed up for Tough Mudder through a charity partner you will be sent your ticket from Active 7 days before your event. You no longer need to register on the Tough Mudder website and your ticket will be issued automatically.

You will be sent your start times two days before your event. You will be able to search for it on the start time lookup tool.

11. I want to transfer my ticket, how do I do this?

If you want to transfer your ticket to another event, another format or another person please read our transfer FAQs.