2017 Official Event Videos

After all of the teamwork, camaraderie and personal achievment, surely the best thing about completing a Tough Mudder course is the bragging rights. And there is no better way to show off than with cold, hard video evidence that you took on the world’s best obstacle course.

This is the home of our 2017 official post-event videos, we’ll add them to this page after each event so you can relive all the highs, lows and mud from your Tough Mudder experience.

London West Weekend 1

To start the 2017 season off with a bang we headed to the scenic Culden Faw Estate. Mudders from far and wide (and just down the road) came to try out brand new obstacles, make new friends and battle through the stickiest Mud Mile 2.0 we’ve seen yet – they weren’t disappointed.

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London West Weekend 2

Our second London West weekend was a big one. But it was sunshine and smiles all round despite the hilly terrain – proving nothing will stop a Mudder getting their hands on that headband…or a bottle of cider.

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Tough Mudder Half Midlands

We headed back to Belvoir castle (yes it is pronounced like that, no we’re not joking) for another round of Tough Mudder fun. There was mud, there was laughter, there was some epic fancy dress and there might not have been much sun but we still had a brilliant weekend.

Tough Mudder Midlands

Take Tough Mudder Half Midlands and add a few tonnes of ice, a jolt of electricity and a bit more mud and you’ve got Tough Mudder Full Midlands. The Midlands Mudders took it like champs though, those orange headbands were hardearned this weekend.

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Europe’s Toughest Mudder Part One

The first ever Europe’s Toughest Mudder came to Belvoir Castle this year and boy was it epic. 8 hours of mud, ice-cold water and Mudder spirit through the night meant we couldn’t even fit the best bits in one video – we had to make two.

Europe’s Toughest Mudder Part Two

As the sun rose on the first ever Europe’s Toughest Mudder our participants were definitely feeling the strain of their 8 hour challenge. Once they’d crossed the line though – it was all smiles.  

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Tough Mudder Scotland

If there’s one thing Scotland has it’s personality, and we saw plenty of it out on course this weekend. The Scots showed us how to party highland style, and we can’t wait to go back for more next year.

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Tough Mudder Yorkshire

Tough Mudder Yorkshire was a momentous occasion for Mudder Nation. We celebrated the 3 millionth Mudder crossing the finish line and just for good measure legionnaire extraordinaire Sonya collected her 50th headband – making her the first woman in Europe to do so. A weekend for the history books (and the photo album).

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Tough Mudder South West:

Mudder nation were on top form at Tough Mudder South West this year, with tales of teamwork and camaraderie springing up all over course. While legionnaire Rob Camm returned to the mud and reminded us all that with a little help from our friends we can do whatever we put our minds to.

Tough Mudder North West

The mud was wild at Tough Mudder North West this year, and that’s putting it mildly. A rainy Saturday couldn’t stop a few thousand Mudders from dominating the course and by Sunday Tough Mudder was really living up to it’s name.

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Tough Mudder London South weekend 1

We might have only spent one day in Crawley this weekend, but we packed in enough laughter, mud and obstacle-awesomeness to fill 10. Half participants wanted to do the Full, Full participants wanted to do it all again – luckily we were coming back for more.

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Tough Mudder London South weekend 2

The final event weekend of the season called for celebration. The weather was surprisingly warm, Arctic Enema – The Rebirth was surprisingly cold and Mud Mile 2.0 was the place to party. Thanks for a great season Mudders – see you next year.


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