11 tips on what NOT to do at your work Christmas party

Because let’s face it, we KNOW all you Mudders are a big bunch of crazy🤪. C’mon have you seen yourself on course?

It’s that time of year again when the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder(HELL YEAH IT IS), and 🎄Christmas is only a matter of days away. The office Christmas party is a yearly event that many people look forward to, and is a great way of blowing off some steam after a long year of working.However, you often find that people behave in a different way on these nights out, and their actions could land them in some hot water, particularly from a HR stand point😂.

To keep you safe we’ve decided to put together our top tips on what NOT to do at your Work Christmas party.

1) Get escorted out of the party for being too drunk but gracefully making your exit…At least that’s how you like to remember it.

2) Bust out some classic moves on the dance floor that your parents would be proud of.


3) Take FULL advantage of the open bar…and then have that one too many🍺.

4) Streaking. 🍑It makes you life of the party, right?

5) Sing karaoke with the same passion as Christina Aguilera, just not with the same voice🎤.


6) Spill your drink all over the colleague you’ve spent months sucking up too.

7) Ask your boss for a raise.

8) Getting the WORST secret Santa gift and not acting like you LOVE it ❤️

9) Attempt to catch the last tube home with a colleague but get met by the doors instead.

10) Show up in fancy dress when it’s a black tie event.

 11) Wake up to plenty of evidence that you blacked out last night and letting the embarrassment slowly settle in + HANGOVER FROM HELL.


We hope you guys have a well rested break and enjoy the festive period. Tis the season to get drunk and merry after all🎄🎅

Come and join us for even more fun next year 🔥

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