Tough Mudder Infinity AlUla wasn’t just about taking part; it was about fully diving into the experience. You tackled every challenge and found joy in the mud and mayhem. We’re incredibly thankful for your presence and your patience while we worked on delivering these results.

At Tough Mudder AlUla, the only thing as unpredictable as the course was the weather. Confronted with gusty winds, we turned to our alternative timing technology.

Due to this change, we were not able to show split times in the easy drop-down format we usually have. If you’re looking to dive into your full split lap times, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Just drop us a line at, and we’ll send your detailed results directly to you. If you have any other queries, please reach out to the same email and we will come straight back to you

You all showed what it means to be TOUGH and ADAPTABLE. Thank you for bringing your energy and spirit to the mud. Here’s to the memories, the challenges overcome, and the achievements.

We can’t wait to see you again for more muddy fun!
Tough Mudder Team