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What You Need To Know About Start Times

Tough Mudder UAE Start Times


You ask, we answer! Here’s Everything you need to know about your Tough Mudder start time.

Will start times be enforced?

Yes, you will need to run at the time you have booked. Wave numbers are capped for health and safety reasons and we can’t allow them to become over-subscribed.

How can I find out what my start time is?

You can find your start time on the receipt that was emailed to you by You can also lookup your start time in your account.

What does my start time mean? What time should I get to the event?

Your start time is the time you will start the course. We suggest arriving 45 minutes to an hour before your assigned start time to ensure you can check in, drop your bag, and get to the Warm Up Zone at least 10 minutes before you are set to run the course. If you show up after the final call for your start time, you will be moved to the “standby” area and enter the next available wave.

How do I make sure I get the same start time as my friends?

If you bought your tickets in the same transaction on, you will all be in the same start wave. Creating a team does not guarantee that you will all be starting at the same time – you must have all picked the same start time when you purchased your tickets if you made separate transactions.

I/my friend signed up as a participant after me/my team, and now our start wave is full, what can we do?

If you don’t have the same start time as your team you have two choices:

1 – move your whole team to a different start wave where there is space for you all. To do this, please email with a copy of each person’s booking receipt and request to be moved.

2 – arrive at the same time as the rest of your team on event day and go on standby. If space becomes available because someone doesn’t show up for the wave your friends are in, you can take their place. Your whole team can go on standby to wait for a wave with space enough for you all. However, there are no guarantees, so be prepared to wait. If you don’t want to take this chance, please pick option 1 above.

If I show up early/late for my start time, what happens?

If you show up EARLY: we will have a standby area that you can wait in. If space becomes available, we will allow you into the next start wave, but we cannot guarantee you to start until your assigned wave time. If you show up LATE: if the final wave has not gone out and the course is still open, we will have a standby area available, however, we will need to prioritize participants with assigned start times so please be aware that you may have to wait.

What is Standby?

A holding area where participants who miss their start time or wish to run as a team will be held until space is available in the following start waves. There will be a short wait, but we will make sure to get you out on course, together as a team, as soon as possible.

Can I run multiple times in one day?

Multiple laps of ONLY the event type you have purchased is allowed, as long as time allows you to complete the course safely. Head to the standby area at the completion of your first time. You will be let into the next available start wave. If the start line has closed once you’ve finished, you will not be allowed to start again.

If I am in a Corporate Team how do I know my start time?

Please speak to your corporate booking agent or your team leader if you are unsure of your start time.

OK, I still have questions

Please check out our FAQs page or email us at and we will assist you.