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What To Wear To Tough Mudder

What to wear to Tough Mudder


What To Wear To Tough Mudder

So, you’ve rounded up your crew, bought your tickets, decided on a team name, and started training. But have you considered what you should wear to your Tough Mudder event?



Here’s what we recommend



Lightweight, quick-drying, and comfortable footwear with decent grip is the order of the day.


The foundation of event day gear is a good pair of kicks. There are enough epic obstacles on the course – your footwear shouldn’t be one of them.


Protection: More cushioning and protection for varied terrains and long distances
Traction: Superior traction on muddy terrain and improved grip on smooth surfaces
Drainage: Excellent drainage to keep your feet light
Washability: Clean easily for your next adventure


Step Up Your Sock Game

It’s all in the details. No one enjoys running with gnarly blisters, so step up your sock game with a pair that features anti-friction and quick dry technology to keep your feet feeling fresh no matter how many miles you’re logging.


Tops & Bottoms

Water-wicking compression tops and bottoms are useful, as they will stretch as you move about. Consider protecting your knees, unless you’re really hardcore.


You might get a little dirty, so you might want to bring some spare clothes. A rinse station and change area will be provided.


Not Optional

As you will be outside, please wear sun cream. We are not responsible for sunburnt Mudders.



  • A towel
  • Gloves for extra grip
  • A water bottle (although we will provide these too)
  • A hat
  • Fancy dress – we HIGHLY recommend


Need some more advice?

Join us on Wednesday 27 March between 4 and 8pm at Adventure HQ’s flagship store at Times Square Center in Dubai for an exclusive Mudder Gear evening. We’ll help you pick out the perfect clothing and accessories so you can crush the course in both comfort and style.


Get discounts, win prizes and if you make an in-store purchase on the day, you can try out the climbing wall absolutely free.


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