Tough Mudder Arabia

Tough Mudder RAK 2021 – Digital Info Pack

Mina al Arab, Ras Al Khaimah
United Arab Emirates
19 March 2021


IMPORTANT: Start times will be enforced for operational and health and safety reasons. All requests to move your start time must be received by no later than 48 hours before the event starts (in this instance, 08:00am on Wednesday 27 March). Requests to move your start time will be actioned subject to availability.

You can check your start time in



Please read our COVID-19 Guidelines

You will be able to check-in for this event from 08:00 on Wednesday 18 November so you can electronically sign a COVID-19 declaration. If you fail to do this online, check-in will take longer on the event day.

You will be permitted to enter the event site no earlier than one hour before your start time. Please do not arrive prior to this or you will not be allowed to enter.

Masks are compulsory in Mudder Village.

Please be patient and cooperate with staff as we operate under a unique set of circumstances to keep you safe.

Head to check-in with your ID and ticket with QR code (either printed or screenshot on your phone). Put on your wristband, it is MANDATORY.

Bag drop is available to check your belongings.

Please head to the warm-up zone 15 minutes before your assigned start time.


Participants MUST be 13 years of age to take part in any Tough Mudder challenge. Anyone under the age of 13 found participating will be removed from the course.


Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a paying, participating adult.


Please ensure you read the safety information found below in this digital info pack and check out our FAQs.


Please read our COVID-19 Guidelines

Please ensure you:

  • Avoid participating in Tough Mudder UAE if you are unwell, for the safety of yourself, as well as the rest of our participants and staff.
  • Avoid participating in Tough Mudder UAE if you have a chronic disease, respiratory illnesses or disability.
  • Wear a mask inside Mudder Village – it is mandatory. You may lower your mask on course while partaking in strenuous activity.
  • Ensure social distancing of two meters – this is also mandatory.
  • Avoid large crowds and intermingling with members of other groups.
  • Refrain from celebrating by way of hugging or engaging in any close physical proximity during your visit.
  • Wash you hands frequently and thoroughly (for at least 20 seconds).
  • Make use of the hand sanitisers around the Park if handwashing facilities are not within proximity.
  • Avoid touching your face with unwashed or non-sanitised hands.
  • Notify our staff if you feel unwell at any point during your participation in Tough Mudder UAE.
  • Cooperate fully with Tough Mudder UAE staff during the event.
  • Pay attention to, and adhere to, all informational signage at the event.
  • Be patient and understanding with our staff as they carry out the necessary processes, procedures and checks during your visit.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Ticket(s): Check-in online before you arrive at the event, and make sure you bring a copy of your QR code with you, so we can check you in quickly on event day.

How do I get my QR code?

1. Please log into your Trumin account ( and click on ‘My Events’ at the top on the left.
2. You will see the Tough Mudder event listed under the ‘Unassigned Tickets’ tab. On the right, you will see a button saying ‘Manage’ – please click this and go through to the next page where you will see another button saying ‘Assign’.
3. You will now have two options – you can assign your tickets to yourself and/or the other participants; just click on the relevant button until all tickets are assigned.
4. For the ‘other’ participants, please enter their email address and they will be sent an email with instructions to assign their own tickets to themselves in the same way. For minors, you can use your own email address.
5. From here, you will be guided to the ‘view ticket’ page – click on this button to download the PDF QR code. You will have received your QR code by email (from at the same time – please bring this with you (either printed or on your phone) to the event so we can check you in.

A valid, government-issued photo ID with name, signature, photo and birth date may be required to verify your registration.

PLEASE WEAR YOUR WRISTBAND AT ALL TIMES. You will not be allowed entry on to the Tough Mudder course without the correct wristband.


Fujairah Adventure Park is an 80-minute drive from Dubai International Airport on E311.

View location on a map.

The closest drop-off point to the event venue is Fujairah Adventure Park, which is just a short walk away.  Please arrive at check-in one hour before your chosen start time.

There is a multitude of free parking at the event site.


Please bring cash as there are no ATMs within Mudder Village.

Due to COVID-19, there will be no activations or F&B vendors at this event.

There will be rinse stations, courtesy of Grohe, for participants to hose themselves down with, as well as toilets and a bag drop facility.


You can check your start time (chosen when you registered) by logging in to your account.

If you have created a team but your members have different start times, you can change your start wave, subject to there being available spaces, up to 48 hours before the start of an event.

Please contact to transfer your ticket.

For more information about start times, please read this page.


Due to COVID-19, no spectators will be permitted at this event.


Coming soon!


Participant Age

Tough Mudder requires participants to be 13 years of age to take part in our events (Mini Mudder excluded). Anyone under the age of 14 found participating will be removed from course.

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a paying, participating adult at all times.

Obstacle Safety

If you do not feel comfortable completing any obstacle DO NOT attempt it. There is always a bypass available.

You must be able to swim 25 meters/yards if you attempt water obstacles.

Do not attempt electric shock obstacles if you have certain health conditions such as epilepsy, metal in your body or a pacemaker. If you have any concerns please ask the medical team stationed at the obstacle or use the available bypass.

Safety Instruction

There is safety signage throughout the course. Please look out for these signs and read them prior to attempting obstacles.

Please also listen out for, and follow, all instructions from marshals, safety teams and event staff.


Although unlikely, contact with mud, animals and recreational water may cause illness. If you begin to feel unwell with symptoms such as fever, diarrhoea or vomiting, particularly if lasting for 3 or more days, please consult your doctor.

Getting Help

If anyone becomes ill or injured whilst on site, ensuring medical attention reaches them quickly is a priority. Should you need to summon help this can be done by crossing your arms above your head to form an “X”. This signal should be repeated along the route of the course until it reaches the nearest medics who will be able to respond. Further explanation will be provided on the day.

Listen to Your Body

Listen to your body whilst out on course. Remain hydrated, take breaks if necessary and only attempt obstacles if you feel comfortable with your ability to overcome each specific challenge.


Fujairah's historical importance goes back to 3000 B.C. when the area was inhabited by herders and fishermen. It was then named as the Land of Titans or 'Ard Al Jababerah'. It is unofficially called 'the Jewel of the Middle East'.

Wadi Al Wurayah waterfalls and Ain Al Madhab Gardens are major touristic attractions in Fujairah. Wadi Wurrayah, a 31,000-acre nature reserve, lies between Khor Fakkan and Bidiyah. The site is the UAE's only waterfall. Other sites include the UAE's oldest mosque Al Bidya Mosque and the Heritage Village.

Fujairah has many beaches and beach-side resorts including the five-star Le Méridien Al Aqah and Fujairah Rotana.

It does not have a desert; it is mostly mountainous, covered by Al Hajar Mountains which separates the emirate from the rest of the country.

Fujairah is cooler than the rest of the UAE. It is popular for water sports like swimming, sailing, jet-skiing, fishing.

Along the road to Fujairah from Dubai, vendors and buyers thrive in the Friday market. It is a good place to buy locally produced fruits and vegetables and other ethnic items such as pottery, rugs and even some Chinese goods.

Travel south passing the magnificently restored fort at Bithnah, one of the many forts and watchtowers that once protected these routes through the mountains, to the mainly low-lying Fujairah City.

Take time to explore Al Hayl Palace, which was once the summer residence of the ruling family of Fujairah.

Fujairah Fort, reputedly 360 years old, stands on a slight incline at the edge of date gardens in Fujairah city. These forts are often identified as Portuguese but many were older in construction.

Fujairah Heritage Village has a good selection of traditional houses ('Arish) and fishing boats (Shashah) made from palm fronds, providing an interesting backdrop to its living reconstruction of traditional life in the mountains and on the shores of the east coast.

For more information, visit:


If you have participated in a Tough Mudder before, claim your next finisher headband on 20 November by wearing the last one you earned.

Headbands and finisher t-shirts must be claimed on the day of the event and can't be posted out.