Texas Hold’em

Holding hands isn't just for lovers - it's for anyone hoping to make it through Texas Hold'em. This topsy-turvy obstacle features sharply two sharply angled platforms on a pivoting base. You'll need to grab hands with another Mudder (friend or stranger, it doesn't matter at a Tough Mudder) and shuffle in unison to keep the whole seesaw from rocking you off.

Grit Teamwork Strength Fun
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Grit flameflameflame
Teamwork flame
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Fun flameflame

Hold Hands

Sweaty hands are no excuse – clasp hands tightly and stay interlocked.

Do the Two Step

Moving out of sync is a fasttrack to failure. Coordinate those foot movements!

Find Your Center

No two participants are identical, so find your center of gravity before moving!

“We laughed, we cried, we fell off.”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Texas Hold’em.
How To Conquer
The two things to remember here are balance and trust. Choosing a partner that is roughly your height won’t hurt either. Get a good grip on each other’s hands (crosslinking helps some people), bend your elbows slightly, and plant your feet on the platforms simultaneously. Shuffle, don’t step, in coordinated movements to keep the platform (relatively) steady.


Invented in 2019, Texas Hold’em was designed to add a simple-yet-engaging shot of teamwork to the Tough Mudder course. The design was further refined in 2021 to get that famous wobble just right.

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