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Keeping Your Nutrition On Point

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Keeping Your Nutrition On Point

When you’re in training, whether it be for a marathon, your sport, or the Tough Mudder Virtual challenge – nutrition is key.


You can hit the gym or the pavement like no other, but you’re not going to reap the rewards unless your nutrition is on point. Not only will your performance be lacking, but you won’t be able to build the same muscle or endurance you would if you were staying on track with your diet.


What you put into your body is directly reflected in your output during your workouts. Carving out a daily regimen for your nutrition can make all the difference – plan your meals and plan your supplements around when you work out.


Here’s our tips for before, during and after your workout to keep you on top of your game.


In order to top-up muscle glycogen stores and ensure an adequate blood sugar level try to have a small carbohydrate-rich meal an hour before training. For an extra boost to get you in the zone give Vapor1 a try – one of our most powerful, single scoop pre-workouts with clinically studied key ingredients designed to help push you through the toughest parts of your training.



With physical exercise, it is always important to stay hydrated to ensure you are replacing any lost fluids through sweat. Also, to aid muscle performance and recovery during and after training you can supplement with BCAAs such as our Amino Build Next Gen.



Upon finishing your workout, fueling yourself to repair your muscles and help them grow is critical. Make sure you load up with protein after a tough training session, so your body reaps the rewards of all the hard work you put in. After a workout, we like to reach for a protein shake because it’s quick, easy and can be enjoyed on the go. Try out Nitro-Tech 100% Whey Gold – its high quality protein blend supports recovery and helps build more muscle.


Keeping your nutrition on point is key for success in any form of training. If you’re currently participating in the Tough Mudder Virtual – good luck from the MuscleTech team!


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