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How to Train for a Tough Mudder 5K

Tough Mudder 5K Training


How to Train for a Tough Mudder 5K

Whether you’re ready to take on Tough Mudder 5K, or you just want to get up, get out and move more training to run 5K can be an achievable goal for almost everyone.


But if you’ve not run much before, or you’ve taken a break from exercise it can be hard to know how to train for a 5K run.


Luckily, we’ve teamed up with the experts at Gold’s Gym who will whip you in to shape in no time with specialised Tough Mudder Training sessions held for 4-6 weeks prior to any Tough Mudder UAE event in 2019.



Here’s some training tips for 5K Beginners


1. Prepare for Success

Before you even step out of your front door there are a couple of things you can do to give yourself the best chance possible of bossing your run.


Make sure you’ve got a pair of comfy running trainers that fit you properly, as well as good, seam-free socks. This will reduce the chance of sore feet, and too many rest days. It’s also important that you have comfortable, appropriate sportswear – don’t give yourself an excuse to stop before you’ve even started.


2. Warm up Right

If you haven’t run for a long time, or aren’t used to exercise then warming up is even more important – the last thing you need is an injury.

Dynamic stretching is great for getting blood flowing and boosting flexibility, try some walking lunges, high knees and squats then walk briskly for a few minutes.


3. Forget About Speed

Don’t run before you can walk basically. Stick to the Couch to 5K training plan, and make sure you take your rest days.

It can be tempting to focus on speed, but at the beginning, duration is more important. You can build speed once you have a solid aerobic base.


4. Don’t Head Straight for the Sofa

After you’ve gone couch to 5K it can be tempting to go straight back to the couch. Warming down is just as important as warming up though, so once you’ve finished your run walk for 5 minutes.

Running can also lead to tight legs, so make sure you’re stretching and using a foam roller to help keep injuries at bay.


5. Fuel Your New Habit

If you’re on a post-Christmas health kick it can be tempting to strip back your diet but if you’re adding more exercise into your routine then you need to fuel appropriately.

Check out some pre and post workout meal ideas, keep hydrated and consider adding extra protein into your diet.


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