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Whatever You Do: Do NOT Bring These 3 Things to Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder


Whatever You Do: Do NOT Bring These 3 Things to Tough Mudder

Prior to a Tough Mudder, Mudders are faced with a plethora of mind-boggling gear dilemmas. Glasses or contacts? T-shirt and shorts or compression gear? The Pippi Longstocking leggings or the ass-less chaps?


Everyone’s preferences are different, and we respect that. However, there are three things in particular that you better not so much as dream about bringing to our course on event day, and it’s about time we remind you of them.


Do Not Bring Your Ego

At the end of a Tough Mudder, there’s no shiny, pretty medals waiting for you. (Sorry.) At the finish line, you’ll get a headband, one that mops up everyone’s sweat just the same. Tough Mudder is not a race–it’s a team-oriented challenge to test your mental and physical grit in an environment that values camaraderie over course time. Finish one and you’ll understand why completing a Tough Mudder feels so good.


Do Not Bring Your Negativity

Get dumped via Tinder on the ride over? Lose your lucky t-shirt the night before? Poor you. While life does indeed royally suck sometimes, your perceived misfortunes shouldn’t give you a reason to be a (literal) stick in the mud on course and in life. Tough Mudder is a place to turn negatives into positives, not vice versa.


Do Not Bring Your B-Game

This goes for your C, D, and F-game too, wiseguy. If we made a Mudder pull-string doll, one of its catchphrases would be, “I should have trained harder.” In order to bring your A-game, you’re gonna need to get on your Tough Mudder training regimen as soon after signing up for Tough Mudder as possible. Throughout training, keep in mind that every single Mudder, each of which will eventually need a helping hand, benefits from your training.


As for the longstockings or the chaps: we’ll leave that one up to you.