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Tough Mudder 5K: Obstacle Tips & Tricks

Tough Mudder 5K obstacle tips & tricks


Tough Mudder 5K: Obstacle Tips & Tricks

If you’ve never tackled a Tough Mudder before, signing up for a Tough Mudder 5K is the perfect way to join Mudder Nation and experience one of our epic, teamwork-focused, obstacle-crammed events for the first time.


Tough Mudder 5K is untimed, so there’s no pressure, no judgement, and no need to commit to a crazy-intense training routine. Let’s walk through some of the signature obstacles you might encounter on a Tough Mudder 5K, with some tips and tricks you and your team will need to conquer the 5 kilometres and 13+ obstacles.


Mud Mile 2.0

Our muddiest obstacle by far, requiring you and your fellow Mudders to navigate six 6-foot trenches. This one’s all about teamwork, people.

  • Throw up a knee
  • Give a boost
  • Turn around and help a friend


Blockness Monster

A Tough Mudder course favorite, this beast of an obstacle is a series of spinning blocks that you and your teammates have to get up and over.

  • Communicate — only 1-2 athletes should try to get over at a time
  • Be strategic: Stay on top of the block and pull from the other side
  • Keep the blocks spinning


Berlin Walls

This 9-foot wall is the quintessential Tough Mudder teamwork obstacle.

  • Take a knee: Your teammates can step up
  • Give your teammates a boost
  • Rotate your hips over the top of the wall


Kiss of Mud

Prepare to get your face (and everything else) dirty: This is 40 feet of mud you’ll need to crawl through—with razor-sharp barbed wire suspended just 18 inches above you.

  • Stay low. Really low.
  • Crawl with your arms, not your legs
  • Use the muddy lane to slide through


Everest 2.0

A 12-foot quarter-pipe that’s all about sprinting and commitment.

  • Sprint all the way up
  • Grab an outstretched arm
  • Swing your leg up


Devil’s Beard

It’s all about slowing down to speed up when it comes to conquering this 60-foot cargo net that’s staked to the ground. You can do it by yourself—but it’ll be easier if you don’t.

  • Grab your group
  • First person stands up halfway
  • Arch your back to elevate the net off the ground



What to Bring to a Tough Mudder:

Wondering what to pack for Tough Mudder event day? Here are the absolute essentials:

  • Your QR code and ID
  • Shoes
  • Change of clothes
  • Towel
  • Good attitude and a sense of humour


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