No Excuses Episode 54: Holistic Nutritionist Robin DeCicco on The Power of Food and Your Mindset

In this episode, holistic nutrition Robin DeCicco answers all of our questions regarding health and nutrition. As an expert in the areas of weight loss, label reading, gluten-free, and food allergies, Robin teaches us how to have mindful eating habits. She discusses healthy food essentials, weight loss, fad diets, and so much more.

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TM: What is holistic nutrition?

R: I think that holistic nutrition is defined differently by different people. But how I see it is holistic nutrition is taking the whole person into account. So for instance, let’s say you started to come to see me. If I wasn’t holistic, I would just kind of look at you and say, all right, you’re a man, you’re pretty tall, I’ll give you a plan, like an overall plan. Holistic nutrition is where I’m sitting with you and I’m saying, what do you do for work? How stressed are you? How much do you sleep? What vitamins do you take? Do you acknowledge that you do better with protein? Or fats? Or carbohydrates? What is your health history? What are your parents’ health histories? Are they alive? Are they deceased? Do they have certain diseases? How do you like to live your life? Holistic is really taking the whole person into account and talking to them not just about food, but lifestyle, stress, sleep. Anyone who tells you that those things are not interrelated, in my opinion, is not doing a good job. They’re all related. 

TM: What is the first step for a healthier diet?

R: The first step is to change your mindset. The first step is saying to yourself, I need to make a change. It doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. It doesn’t mean I don’t know anything. It means that there’s help out there and I will be stronger and healthier for it if I seek it, if I know that I need to improve this in my life. Change your mindset. Get into the driver’s seat of your life. That is the biggest thing I can say about the first step to getting healthier. Don’t drive by a pizza place and say I’m going to eat pizza just because it’s there. Don’t go to the restaurant that your family wants you to go to because it’s good for them. Speak up. Talk about what makes you feel healthy. That’s the first step. Then, I would say following that, all the baby steps about taking out more of the processed food and doing it slowly. Maybe if you’re somebody who drinks soda every day, just work on that. Instead of soda, start drinking Seltzer with a little bit of fruit juice. Every week, use a little bit less fruit juice and a little bit more seltzer. It’s about baby steps. Don’t go cold turkey because it won’t last long.